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FastSkipper is a unique IT project specifically designed for sailing.

Both professional yachtmen and young sailors will be able to significantly enhance their performance and most effectively master the maneuvers on the water with the help of digital data. For instance, performing jibes and tacks with minimal loss of speed. Sailors and coaches will have a possibility to review every meter of the training distance and figure out the causes of speed loss.

Every sailor will be able to compete not only with the rivals, but also with himself, setting his own speed records and trying to beat them, improving the technique of controlling the yacht during each session.

The on-board devices

The on-board devices comprise an iPhone (or Android phone) and a set of sensors (wind, load, heart rate) that are easily installed before training session. They collect various telemetric data which is being transmitted to Coach’s device (iPad or iPhone) afterwards.

The coach’s device communication

When using FastSkipper, sailors and coaches get a rare opportunity to playback the entire training session in a special player and get detailed reports for each person on board.

FastSkipper Box can be used instead of an iPhone

FastSkipper Box can be used instead of an iPhone. These devices are easily mounted and hardly affected by the harsh marine environment when on the water. They are also highly impact-resistant. Moreover, the intuitive interface of FastSkipper allows you to use it on both a professional and an amateur level, as the principles of its operation can be easily mastered.

FastSkipper allows you to handle a wide variety of tasks

FastSkipper allows you to handle a wide variety of tasks. The software and the hardware collect data from the boat, process it through mathematical filters and display it in the form of instantaneous values, time graphs and summary tables. FastSkipper provides complete and detailed analysis, allowing you to generate professional reports based on the data obtained from each training session. No other competitive software provides such extensive reports.


Player function and playback feature

The FastSkipper software has a Player function and playback feature for reproducing training sessions, displaying the boats track and allowing both sailor and coach to analyze and work on errors.

This will  help a sailor to build more confidence and obtain better results at competitions.

High-quality training is especially important for children.

For this reason, FastSkipper interface is user-friendly indeed. Every athlete will be able to get a  clear analysis of his training session, work it out with the coach and show better results in future.

Real time mode

FastSkipper is a multifunctional and compact software and hardware system that changes the world of sailing.

It displays the direction and speed of the apparent wind (AWD and AWS), the true wind (TWD and TWS), the angle between the true wind and the course of the boat (TWA) and the angle between the direction of the apparent wind and the course of the boat (AWA).

 FastSkipper helps sailors understand the yacht’s corrected compass heading (HGD), the course relative to the ground by GPS (COG) and shows his true course (THDG) anywhere on the planet. At the end of the training session, the sailor will be able to find out the distance covered (DIST).

Experienced yachtsmen like to think they can feel every half-degree of the yacht’s heel and sense the wind with the tips of their ears, however sport requires maximum accuracy and concentration and it is unreasonable to rely only on feelings.

Professionals understand this perfectly well. Therefore, the FastSkipper sensors show the yacht’s heel (HEEL) and the speed of approach to the target (VMG) with the highest accuracy. During the training session, the sailor also sees the speed of the boat (BS). Knowing this data allows the sailor to be more effective when maneuvering.

The coach, tracking the session on his iPad, will be able to analyze the mistakes of his athletes, hence increasing their performance in future. To achieve the best results, FastSkipper calculates not only the boat’s data, such as the steering angle (RDR), speed and effective thrusting frequency (RDR fq and RDR hz), but also the heart rate of the sailor (HR).

The full list of indicators is

SOG: Speed over ground.

Course: Course of the boat.

PITCH: Pitching of the vessel from bow to stern.

HEEL: Rotation of an object around its longitudinal axis.

DIST: Distance.

BS: Boat speed.

BS min: Minimum boat speed per minute of time.

BS max: Maximum boat speed per minute of time.

VMG: The speed of a sailboat towards (or from) the direction of the wind

DR: Drift.

DRA: Angle of drift.

AWA: Apparent wind angle.

AWS: Apparent wind speed.

AWD: Apparent wind direction.

TWD: True wind direction.

TWS: True wind speed.

TWA: True wind angle.

VMG tgt: VMG target value.

BS tgt: BS target value.

TWA tgt: TWA target value.

DMG: The distance to the mark in the projection to the wind.

VMC: The speed of reaching the mark.

TRIM1,2,3,4: Load indicator.

BPM: Heart Rate.

DTM: The distance to the mark by the shortest distance.

HEEL_A: Amplitude of heel.

HEEL_FREC: Frequency of heel.

TWD max: Maximum TWD per minute of time.

TWD min:  Minimum TWD per minute of time.

TWS max: Maximum TWS per minute of time.

TWS min: Minimum TWS per minute of time.


Report description

The report begins with an introductory screen. The introductory screen shows the type of the report, location, date and name of the competitor, boat class and time for which the report is issued (time is in the format of the location where the TripLog was recorded).

See an example here Wind Report, 29 March 2023, Time: 12:51:04 – 13:21:38, Sailor: Minibaev Alex, Boat: 29.

See an example

No other competitive software provides such extensive reports.

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