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Telemetric data for Sailing teams and Media companies

Innovative products for achieving the highest results in sailing

App, program and tools for athletes and coaches.

Fast Skipper collects various telemetric data and displays them in a real time, provides  complete and detailed analysis, allowing  to generate professional reports based on the data obtained from each training session and  playback feature for reproducing training sessions.

FastSkipper is a unique IT project specifically designed for sailing

Both professional yachtmen and young sailors will be able to significantly enhance their performance and most effectively master the maneuvers on the water with the help of digital data. For instance, performing jibes and tacks with minimal loss of speed. Sailors and coaches will have a possibility to review every meter of the training distance and figure out the causes of speed loss.

Every sailor will be able to compete not only with the rivals, but also with himself, setting his own speed records and trying to beat them, improving the technique of controlling the yacht during each session.

The on-board devices

The on-board devices comprise an iPhone (or Android phone) and a set of sensors (wind, load, heart rate) that are easily installed before training session. They collect various telemetric data which is being transmitted to Coach’s device (iPad or iPhone) afterwards.

The coach’s device communication

When using FastSkipper, sailors and coaches get a rare opportunity to playback the entire training session in a special player and get detailed reports for each person on board.

FastSkipper Box can be used instead of an iPhone

FastSkipper Box can be used instead of an iPhone. These devices are easily mounted and hardly affected by the harsh marine environment when on the water. They are also highly impact-resistant. Moreover, the intuitive interface of FastSkipper allows you to use it on both a professional and an amateur level, as the principles of its operation can be easily mastered.

FastSkipper allows you to handle a wide variety of tasks

FastSkipper allows you to handle a wide variety of tasks. The software and the hardware collect data from the boat, process it through mathematical filters and display it in the form of instantaneous values, time graphs and summary tables. FastSkipper provides complete and detailed analysis, allowing you to generate professional reports based on the data obtained from each training session. No other competitive software provides such extensive reports.

Testing center in Valencia

Sailing base and boat charter.

FastSkipper in collaboration with Devoti Sailing offers a training base for dinghy sailors. Charter ILCA boats, testing of the app and sensors with full technical support are available in the Real Club Nautico de Valencia.

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